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By Shue
Posted on 13 Apr 2009 at 7:50pm


Well the crew and the cast of the new 90210 has a weird problem. They have to work along side a super hot actress who stinks, literally. She has told people that she doesn’t use a deodorant because she doesn’t need it. Maybe she has been living with it for so long, her nose has got used to it. But apparently the crew hasn’t.

They have been trying to drop a hint in various ways. They even dropped a deodorant spray into her purse when she wasn’t looking but she just doesn’t seem to be getting the message.

She plays the role of rich and spoiled Beverly Hills High student Naomi Clark. A source says the 21 years old looks sexy but there is nothing sexy about the way she smells. The problem has become such a widely discussed matter that she is now nicknamed AnnaLynne McStinky. Though they all talk about it no one has the guts to step up and tell her on the face about her body odor problem.

It happens to everyone once in a while, after a work out or when you forgot to keep your deo in the bag, but to have body odor that happens everyday and at work well she needs to be told. It’s embarrassing that the crew has to leak it out to the gossip columns to let her know. Hope she doesn’t start sobbing and make everyone on the set feel guilty for doing this to her.

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