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By Shue
Posted on 28 May 2009 at 3:52pm

Chris Brown’s legal battles just don’t seem to get over.  He is again facing legal trouble by a man who claims he was beaten up by one of the singer’s bodyguard.
Brown, 20 is being sued by Robert Rosen for personal injury. He says he was roughed up after he took a photograph of Brown. This happened at a Los Angeles fitness club on March 13, according to the lawsuit filed in L.A. Superior Court.
According to Rosen, a bodyguard chased him after he took a snapshot of Chris who was playing basketball. He tried to run away when one of the employees of L.A. Fitness Club allegedly “tried to block [Rosen's] exit and grabbed his clothing and body.”
Rosen manged to break free but then toppled down a flight of stairs, says the lawsuit. The bodyguard then “picked [Rosen] up by his shorts, and physically assaulted him,” it also says.
“I was severely injured and disabled, both internally and externally,” says Rosen. He says he was imprisoned falsely and wants Chris to cover him for his medical bills and emotional discomfort.
Rosen is also suing the L.A Fitness Club for their negligence.
Mark Geragos, Brown’s lawyer, says, “This is a specious and frivolous lawsuit by one of the paparazzi seeking publicity and a payday. He’s done this before and lost. We will vigorously defend against this.”
The manager at the gym of the L.A Fitness Club made no comment on the situation.
The lawsuit makes no mention if the police were involved.

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