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By Shue
Posted on 06 Apr 2009 at 3:22pm


Daughter of Vice- president, Joe Biden is in trouble according to a report by New York Post. It is heard that an acquaintance of hers is trying to sell a video that shows her doing drugs at a party in Delaware. Ashley Biden is the last one of Joe Biden’s three children and the only one from his second wife, Jill Biden.

The video was first offered for 2 million dollars, and the price was later reduced to 400,000 dollars, according to the New York Post. Radar Online has reported saying that the video is now being offered for $250,000.

The video was first shown to the Post by the attorney of the owner of the tape, Thomas Dunlap. But he is no longer representing him. Post has said that the woman in the video did resemble Ashley Biden.

The Post and RadarOnline are the two outlets that have viewed this video. The reports from the Post and Radar online are quite different from each other and hence are quite confusing. One says the camera is hidden and other says it doesn’t look concealed. One report says she used a red straw to snort and another says she used a rolled- up dollar bill.

Ashley now works at the Delaware Department of Children, Youth and Their Families. Joe Biden has not commented on this yet and Ashley Biden couldn’t be reached. It is not yet confirmed that the woman in the video is Ashley.

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