Brody Jenner Protects Avril Lavigne’s Honor in L.A. Bar Fight0 comments

By nina
Posted on 07 Nov 2011 at 2:58am

Brody Jenner attempted to break up a pub fight at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel and his reward was a bottle to the head.

Seemingly it was girlfriend Avril Lavigne and an un-named lady who got in a scuffle around 1 am. When Jenner tried to intervene, he got cracked over the head. Security swiftly broke up the fight and he and a few other people were detained by law enforcement officials. Jenner was apparently listed as the victim of attack with a deadly weapon, and then was allowed to go on his merry way. No arrests had been made.

The reality star was well enough to refuse medical therapy but went to the hospital on his own, just to be secure.

This morning Jenner was back and even came back to Twitter. He wrote: “Interesting Saturday night… Just got of the hospital with a new scar on my face.. Charges/chargers!!!”

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