Cheryl Burke Silences Critics with Hot Bod0 comments

By Shue
Posted on 06 Jun 2009 at 11:50am

Long so long ago, Cheryl Burke was slammed by her critics for gaining extra pounds, as as she defended her curves on her blog. Now, the hot bod she is displaying in St. Lucia should be enough to silence everyone who criticized her.
Burke has just returned from a fun filled vacation in the Caribbean with her boyfriend, model Maxwell Zagorski. According to her, shedding the pounds and maintaining “the ideal weight for me” has been relatively simple.

“I gained a few pounds and everybody was talking about it last year,” the two-time Dancing champ says. “But taking it off was simply a matter of doing a bit more cardio to supplement my dancing. I’m also making sure I eat clean foods and healthy snacks.”
Zagorski is her secret to a healthy diet. “He’s a much better cook than I am and it helps when we eat meals together that are healthy as opposed to going out for dinner, which I did a lot when I was single,” says Burke.
Friday night sees the grand opening of her third Cheryl Burke Dance studio, in Mountain View, Calif.
“There’s this huge explosion of things that have happened in my life in the past three years and I’m so grateful,” Burke says, noting that best of all, more people than ever before are taking up dancing.

“People are seeing that it’s a great alternative to going to the gym,” Burke says. “It’s a great way to do something really healthy for your body and you don’t even know it because you have so much fun doing it.”

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