Could Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson Get Back Together?0 comments

By Shue
Posted on 07 May 2009 at 11:09am

Speculations are rife whether Lindsay Lohan and Samantha’s Ronson could actually get back together after a very public breakup.
There’s good reason for this speculation- Multiple sources have claimed that Lohan spent last Tuesday night at Ronson’s Los Angeles home. Also, Lohan herself admitted that she and Ronson were “in touch” and remain friends.
One source close to the couple says, “Sam might eventually take Lindsay back … It wouldn’t surprise anyone.”

A friend of Lohan’s says this breakup could be like other times in the past. “It’s a cycle that can go on forever. Now that things have died down a little and Lindsay is behaving herself and showing Sam what she wants to see, Sam’s strength to stay away eases up.”

However, one friend is adamant that Sam has “no plans to take her back.”
Another source close to Ronson says the likelihood of reconciliation without serious repercussions are very slim. “Sam’s family will literally lose all respect if she goes back to Lindsay, and that’s what’s convincing her things are really over,” says the source.

“They do text, [blackberry messanger], have visits,” continues the source. “Lindsay plays stupid mind games saying she is being pursued by major celebrity actors. She has a lot of free time to play all these childish games.”

But Ronson is still undecided, adds the source: “Sam knows in her head, life is truly better off without Lindsay – even if her heart sometimes says otherwise.”

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