George Clooney Has Everyone Confused0 comments

By Shue
Posted on 30 Jan 2009 at 12:00am

George Clooney is keeping us all guessing. It is tough enough to break through his charming exterior to figure out what’s going on, but when he does so many completely unrelated and seemingly bizarre things in a short span of a few days, he really gets everyone confused.
On one hand, Clooney put on a very serous façade at the Newseum in Washington, DC where he conducted a number of lectures on the role and importance of journalism and how it is related to his latest studio venture ‘Good Luck and Good Night.’ On the other hand the more flirtatious side of Clooney emerges and he would have us believe that he was blissfully entangled with Paris Hilton while being forcefully rejected by her BFF Brittany Flickinger.
Then, we see the more socially responsible Clooney as he throws a $15,000 a plate fundraisers for the people being suppressed and exploited in Darfur, where we once again get a peek at his flirtatious side as he seemed a little too interested in the Chippendale dancers. And finally, to add to the confusion, we find out that Clooney went on a sushi date with a new lady friend who is a semi-professional game show contestant. Her name could be Katie, Kate or Stephanie Moeser, depending on which game show appearance you want to believe. She has appeared on ‘Hollywood Squares’ in 03-04, ‘The Price is right’ in 06, ‘Don’t forget the Lyrics’ in 07 where she won $350,000, and ‘Trivial Pursuit’ in 08.

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