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By nina
Posted on 10 Oct 2011 at 3:21am

Katy Perry is set to release her second fragrance just in time for the holiday season. But, prior to the songstress unveils her follow-up scent she’s asking fans to play a guessing game. Commencing next week, Katy’s Twitter followers will have a chance to guess the name of her fragrance. Winners, which will probably be chosen at random, stand to win bottles of the perfume or even the chance to meet Katy at its December launch.

Fans of her uber-popular fragrance Purr will be pleased to hear Katy’s new scent will be a companion fragrance. Of Purr, Katy has said, “It’s like the Goldilocks of perfume. It’s not too much, it’s not too forgettable, it’s just right. It’s basically me in a bottle. I think a lot of people go up and they go, ‘That’s definitely Katy Perry. This is definitely Katy Perry’s perfume.’”

Katy isn’t the only pop star seeking fan contribution in the fragrance department. Just last month, Selena Gomez asked fans to help vote for the notes they’d most like to smell in her debut scent!

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