Linday Lohan Proudly Poses Topless; Her Family Begs Her to Gain Some Weight0 comments

By Gypsy
Posted on 02 Mar 2009 at 11:12am


Lindsay Lohan has her share of ups and down – when it comes to her weight, that is. Now, the family of this Hollywood actress is reportedly begging her to gain some weight.

According to sources, the Linday’s mom Dina and 15-year-old sister Ali are asking the actress to come back home in Long Island, New York, so that they can look after her and make sure she is eating well.

A source close to the family said, “That way Dina and Ali can look after her and stop her skipping meals. It would be the best thing for her. We know it’s stress behind the weight loss.”

Lindsay Lohan has lost about 14 lbs in the last two months. Apparently, she refuses to leave L.A. without her girlfriend San Romson. “She won’t be away from Sam. She’s too insecure,” explained the source.

Ali Lohan even tried to fool her sister by bringing her some favorite junk food.”For a while, Ali was buying her pizza, fries, chips and all her favourites. But she just sits there, taking a few bites, then picking at the rest. She really isn’t fooling anyone,” the source said.

She really isn’t fooling anyone. Just check out her topless photos with Hedi Slimane below…

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