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By Shue
Posted on 06 Apr 2009 at 3:17pm

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On Friday, Samantha Ronson was having a party for her sister at Bar Marmont and the doormen at the party were told not to allow Lindsay into the party. Looks like all the things Lindsay has been telling the press about her and Sam Ronson not having broken up isn’t true.

On Friday night there was a lot of drama in Los Angeles, where Lindsay was kept out of the party by five bouncers. The party was for Sam’s fashion designer sister’s I heart Ronson clothing line for JCPenny.

The official party ended at around 11 p. m. but the music and the dancing went on till late. At the party were Sam’s sister, Charlotte Ronson, brother, Mark and their mom, Anne Dexter Jones. Her brother, Mark’s band played an hour long set at the party.

The family wanted to make sure Lindsay wouldn’t be at the party and a source was heard saying, “Unless Lindsay rams a truck through the red carpet or skydives in, she won’t be here.” As expected, Lindsay showed up but was kept out. Lindsay knew she was unwanted but came anyway.

This isn’t the first time she is appearing where she isn’t welcome. On April 2 also she popped up on the stage in the middle of her friend, Lily Allen’s show and was almost ignored by her. Looks like she needs serious lessons about social behavior and solid advice for staying out of places where she isn’t really welcome.

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