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By Gypsy
Posted on 08 Mar 2009 at 4:00am

Michael Jackson Leaving His London Hotel (USA AND OZ ONLY)
Micheal Jackson is reportedly going on a comeback and it is estimated that he could earn up to $400 million from the deal, which involves new music, a concert tour and a movie.

According to his promoter, Jackson has 10 gigs already lined up at the O2 arena in London this coming summer. Randy Phillips, the head of AEG Live, which is staging the gigs, said they had a wider deal that could cover a world tour and a 3D film based on Thriller. He adds, “We’re talking to him about helping him figure a new plan for the release of singles, new music.”

Jackson appeared at the London venue on Thursday (March 5) to announce his comeback concerts. He considers his 10 shows as “the final curtain call” and “my final show performances in London”.

Phillips added, after Micheal’s speech, “These will be the last shows in London. Whether he will go on from here around the world… this will be his last tour. All he’s agreed to are the London shows at this point.”

Apparently, the 10-gig show is not all Micheal Jackson is planning to work on. Phillips said, “We have a film development deal that’s part of this to do a film, Thriller 3D.” Meaning, Jackson could star on the film.

If the 3-year plan become successful, Jackson will earnn around $400 million, Philipps said.

Jackson’s last tour was 12 years ago. Although he had a small performance at the World Music Awards in London back in 2006, it wasn’t much of a show as he only sang a few lines from “We are the World.”

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