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By Shue
Posted on 14 Mar 2009 at 5:46pm

Life has been a series of bad events off late for Morgan Freeman. Last year he was involved in a serious car accident after which he got sued by his passenger for negligence. Then his wife divorced him and will be getting a large amount of alimony and now his mistress has dumped him.

Morgan Freeman was involved with Mary Joyce Hays, 60, formerly a school teacher for four years. People close to the couple were heard saying they were planning to get married and sometimes she wore an engagement ring.
He and his wife had separated in December 2007, mostly because of his mistress situation. And after his divorce it looked like he would be marrying his mistress. Lately nothing seems to be going right for him. Even his Broadway Play “The Country Girl” is getting bad reviews. And a source close to the couple said she dumped him when he was in New York performing “The Country Girl”. “Mary Joyce told me, ‘I broke up with Morgan. It’s definitely over.’”

Mary Joyce Hays says that even though they separated only in 2007, they were living separate lives for a lot longer than that like about 20 years. This makes one wonder. Why wait for 20 years to get divorced? Maybe he didn’t want to part with the big chunk of property that he would lose. According to Mary Joyce, she left dumped him because she felt that the 70 year old actor no longer loved her.

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