Natasha Richardson Died of Internal Bleeding, says Coroner0 comments

By Shue
Posted on 22 Mar 2009 at 8:32am

A spokesperson for the New York City medical examiner’s office declared that actress Natasha Richardson died from a blunt impact to the head. Her death was ruled an accident Thursday after an autopsy was performed.
Richardson died from internal bleeding which was caused by the blunt impact, the M.E.’s office report said, but it is still unknown exactly how she injured her head. Richardson sustained head injuries when she fell off and tumbled on the snow during a private ski lesson at Mont Tremblant in Quebec. She fell in the middle of the ski run and did not appear to hit any object aside from the snow on the ground.
Richardson initially appeared fine and was “lucid, talking, even making jokes,” according to Mont Tremblant rep, Catherine Lacasse. She was taken to her hotel room, but an hour later when she complained of headaches, she was rushed to a nearby hospital, Centre Hospitalier Laurentien in an ambulance. Later in the day she was taken to Sacre Coeur Hospital in Montreal, where was treated in the intensive care unit. On Tuesday, she was flown back to New York City at Lenox Hill Hospital. Her family held vigil around her bedside the whole time.
The family announced her death Wednesday evening. The Greenwich Village Funeral Home is in charge of handling her arrangements.

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