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By nina
Posted on 04 May 2012 at 2:58am

May 3. The much awaited release of Justin Bieber’s “boyfriend” music video (seemed like) didn’t live up to its trailer base on the fan’s reactions.

Many fans threw these “disappointed” Tweets concerning the music video (though there are still fans who love it).

@MTV @JustinBieber If he was my boyfriend, I would NEVER let him make this video. Very disappointed.

Disappointed in @justinbieber‘s #BOYFRIENDvideo I loved the beginning, not that s**t with him in a parking lot.

The teasers for Boyfriend were better than the actual video. #BoyfriendVideoPremiere #Disappointed Love @justinbieber anyways

#BOYFRIENDvideo #BOYFRIEND @justinbieber I was expecting alot more than that it looks like a scene from 2 fast 2 furious. disappointed :(

Okay… @justinbieber if def a @jtimberlake copy cat! It’s like an urban mashup mv of Like I Luv You and Señorita! #DISAPPOINTED #BOYFRIEND

@justinbieber For some reason i’m disappointed in the #boyfriend video :/ sorry babe but i just don’t like it. It doesn’t seem like you

@justinbieber The video was good, but honestly it seems like it was a video that EVERY performer does. Kinda disappointed :(

Kind of disappointed in @justinbieber new video. The teasers looked ill and he completely changed it.

@justinbieber your #boyfriend video was the worst most anticipated thing I’ve ever waited for. #disappointed #youcandobetter #seriously

@justinbieber disappointed by boyfriend….guess you are just like everyone else now. Girls and cars? Get your own swag. #unoriginal

Disappointed… I stayed home to watch that. Should of stayed with the teaser @justinbieber


Are you too disappointed with his “boyfriend” music video?


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