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By Shue
Posted on 19 Mar 2009 at 5:34pm

Paris Hilton met her boyfriend, Doug Reinhardt’s mother while vacationing in Hawaii. While this might sound normal, what we found interesting was that she looked the way Paris Hilton would look in say, 20 years. Totally accessorized with a wild bag, large sunglasses and a big fat straw hat, her boyfriend’s mother almost overshadowed her.

Both of them had bleached blonde hair, tanned skin, lip gloss and with in their sundresses looked like sisters. Only difference would be that while Paris carried a little white bag, her boyfriend’s mother, Kelly Reinhardt carried an oversized embellished designer bag.

Though she was vacationing with her boyfriend she did take some time out to pose for the cameras with her head thrown back in a bikini and a suede shawl. The couple was staying at the Four Seasons resort in Maui.

When the couple went scuba diving later, the heiress was again caught on camera in her wet suit and was all smiles and gave her boyfriend a kiss for the cameras. For a change, she was seen without her usual perfect hair- dos and had her hair pulled back with a small quiff.

Doug Reinhardt stars in the MTV reality series called The Hills and is a baseball player. He seems to be bowled over by Paris Hilton. He said, ‘She’s the most beautiful girl on the planet. She’s amazing both inside and out.’ During Paris’s birthday dinner, they were seen kissing and holding hands last weekend.

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