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American Reunion

American Reunion

Posted on 21 Mar 2012 at 2:37am

You probably must known these names,  Jim Levenstein, the scalawag man Stifler and Stifler’s mom, Finch, Michelle and the rest of the gang. Well, YES if you have followed the series of American Pie.

Can you imagine that, it’s been 13 years since American Pie bring in their mischievous pastry play, web cam exploits, symphonic self satisfaction, and their hilarious, memorable and unique friendships.

Right now, the American Pie cast members has re-grouped for the fourth series of American Pie which is the American Reunion showing this April 6. We assume that this will be the last series of the movie.

Meanwhile, Seann William Scott  aka Steve Stifler has confirmed that he’s engaged to be married to former Victoria’s Secret model Lindsay Frimodt.

He confirmed the news at the Hollywood premiere last night for the upcoming comedy American Reunion. He exclusively told E! News, he “doesn’t know how I got her. I’m just really lucky”

“She hadn’t seen American Pie. Thank god. Otherwise, I probably wouldn’t be engaged.” He said.


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